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WOMAN ON FIRE (WOF) is a Global Movement of Inspiration that changes the trajectory of female entrepreneurs and their companies. Since 2013, WOFhas grown from 20 dedicated female professionals attending a 10,000 Toys for Haiti charity luncheon, to an annual two-day conference and a multi-city awards gala. Currently in its 5th year, WOF continues to raise the profile of entrepreneurial women across North America (specifically in Toronto, Montreal, and Atlanta), connecting them as members, supporters, and sponsors of the rapidly growing movement.

Hosted by Allison Harvey—aka The Networking Diva—the WOF event seeks to celebrate, motivate, and elevate extraordinary women from within the local community by recognizing and honouring them with awards. With Allison’s expertise as a business consultant, she regularly witnesses the challenges of female-based startups with limited mentoring or financial backing: building a company while also managing jobs, spouses, and children is commonplace as these entrepreneurs strive to live their dreams despite life’s adversities and various obstacles. WOF unites likeminded individuals, and allows them to meet with others on the same journey to success.

WOF events also serve to bring awareness to Haiti—a country once known as the Jewel of the Caribbean—the first island in the western hemisphere to gain independence on January 1, 1803. Tragically distressed by the earthquake of 2010 (where 100,000 to 300,000 souls perished, and millions were left devastated), Haiti continues to also suffer from the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew’s hit in November 2016. Suffering the most in Haiti are children and youth living in orphanages, with little hope for the future. With a population of over 10 million (half under the age of 18, and a life expectancy of just 45), Haiti needs support now more than ever. Everyone who attends or supports the WOF event is helping to change the future of Haiti though the non-profit organization H.O.P.E. Crossing Borders, the sister organization of 10,000 Toys for Haiti. With WOF’s assistance, Allison and her network aim to build a home for young Haitian woman, to aid in their development as business owners, thereby changing their lives for generations to come.

Woman on Fire has the power to affect change in the lives and futures of many young women, both locally, and internationally. 



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