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LaKeisha Parnell - Nominee for Single Mom

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At age 26, LaKeisha Parnell was on top of the world. She was headed for a bright career, owned her own home and had defied the statistics of being a teen mom and an adoptee. But, one day, while driving on a busy, Chicago expressway, she had a seizure and crossed three lanes of traffic and crashed into a median. Her road ahead would consist of surgeries, therapy, a wheelchair and homelessness. She became physically, financially, mentally and spiritually bankrupt. She and her daughter moved into a family transitional shelter. But her faith and her desire to provide a better life for her daughter filled her with determination to overcome her low self-esteem, physical setbacks and chronic illness.  

Soon LaKeisha was not only doing better herself, she was also encouraging other women in the shelter. LaKeisha decided to leave Chicago and start anew in Atlanta. There she obtained her degree in Christian Ministries and became an advocate for epilepsy. She’s been featured on Lifetime's, “The Balancing Act” and was named Epilepsy Advocate of America. 

Today, LaKeisha Parnell resides in Georgia with her four children and operates her own practice as a Confidence Coach, Author and International Speaker. “Most people know what they want in life, they just need someone there to help hold their hands up while they discover their purpose on life’s path,” she explains. “God is the ultimate Life Coach of my life. The unique journey He has taken me on has showed me that personal experiences are more important than rule books. Outcomes and results are fine but relationships are assets. The key to discovering life’s purpose is not just problem solving but strength building, listening and self-awareness.”

I endured life’s challenges so that others could begin the process of #RedefiningdisEASE to Build Strength. Be Confident. and Stand Resilient. 


Website at https://www.lakeishaparnell.com

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/lakeisha.parnell/

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/coach_lakeisha/

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