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Dana "Truly Inspired Martin" - Nominee for Young Entrepreneur

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Lives up to her name in every sense of the way. The name “Truly Inspired Martin” was established during the darkest times of Dana’s life where she had to fight to get past her past and find what her greatness was. Truly inspired is significant because she had to learn to “truly inspire” herself from within and be her own lifeguard.

As a native of New Jersey; she is a true inspiration and leader in aiding young girls and women in the community. Dana is a graduate of Clark Atlanta University and is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Business Management/Entrepreneurship. Dana is a 2 time suicide survivor and 2 time domestic violence survivor; she has learned the true meaning of overcoming. Dana believes everyone has purpose, and our youth and young adults just need direction towards the right path to be able to walk in it. As a motivational speaker, certified life coach, entrepreneur and philanthropist; she believes we are all given a reset button—a chance to be greater today than we were yesterday. Dana has learned to live with purpose, on purpose, and hopes to help realign the minds and lives of young girls and women globally.

Dana is also the Founder and CEO of Spoken 4 Causes Inc., which is a non-profit organization focused on bridging the gap between your past and your future by providing second chances to those that have fallen short in certain areas of their lives. Their primary focus is on helping restore broken communities. The aim is to help the youth and young adults in under-privileged areas attain all they



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