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Aqueela Maddox - Nominee for Hustler Award

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The Inspirationalist" is the writer and speaker of life!!! She will help you personally develop and elevate your self confidence as well as establish healthy relationship practices that improves your quality of life and productivity! Aqueela Maddox is an International Speaker , Confidence Coach & Relationship Guru.

The two areas are parallel in importance, because you will spend the rest of your life WITH yourself, and AROUND others. So,  she inspires individuals to be confident in their journey and trust the process empowering them to move forward and overcome in life. She inspires men and women all over the world to GROW through their experiences!

She extremely passionate about Women and Young People!! With such love for those groups, she finds herself in various settings such as camps, retreats, luncheons and more...showing them love! She enjoys traveling and spending time with her family and friends. She meets no stranger, she truly believes that she is your sister, and loves you on sight!

She is known as The Hustle Woman to some, The Inspirationalist to Many and Ms. Q to many others...no matter what you call her, she desires to be KNOWN for her LOVE! 


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