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Lynda Monroe - Nominee for Lifetime Award

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I am Prophetess Lynda Monroe from Cary, NC. I am CEO of Anointedone Ministry and a Health and Wellness Consultant - LifeVantage. My vision for Anointedone Ministry is to build transitional communities around the world for ex-offenders returning to society.

I have also been commissioned by GOD to preach the uncompromised  word of GOD to reach lost souls. I grew up Baptist and was not aware that in order to enter heaven you must be baptized with water and fire. In December, 2015, I had open heart surgery to repair a valve that was defected at birth.  I was not suppose to live past the age of 10 and was advised I could never have children. 

I have reached way beyond that age and I did give birth to 3 children, 2 being identical twin boys.  After staying in the hospital for two weeks which was suppose to be a 3 day stay, I returned home feeling like a zombie.  I started taking this product, Protandim, and upon five seconds upon consuming this pill every pain that I was experiencing ceased.  I became a distributor for this product through LifeVantage and this  business has allowed me to provide a natural herbal supplement that will help you look good and live longer. 

I thank GOD for the opportunity to be nominated as a Woman on Fire.

Prophetess Lynda Monroe
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