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Dr. Acquilla Faye - Nominee for Media Award

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Dr. Acquilla Faye is known for sharing the Creator’s Love as a Global​ Life Transformation Guide & Strategist, Media Empress, and Devoted mother. She is a Best Selling Author, Internationally recognized and Awarding winning ​educator, media personality, artist and mother.  Her media presence helps optimize peace, clarity and productivity to help 1,000,000,000 people spiritually, emotionally and  intellectually to increase positive  relationships with themselves and others. Her media and publications are centered on the 4Es- Educate, Empower, Elevate, Entertain.

As a media personality, producer, artist and marketer, her companies’ continue expanding  with followers on every continent. While helping others to develop their media present and comfort with technological tools. Her work expands to the community. She founded Our Efforts United, as a means for “Rebuilding the Village” through media, empowerment and partnership for youth and their families to increase community sustainability.

She helps the masses transform and increase self authenticity through iHeartRadio top podcast,Grown Folks Talking Live with Dr. Faye, along with the powerful web series, Unwrapping Your Package on YouTube.  Other broadcasts include Snack & Chat on Kidcasts Network, What's on Your Plate which her son co-hosted, top 10 ranking show Living in Faith Everyday, along with interviews, guest hosting, production, blogs, webinars, tv shows, movies and theatrical productions to spread positivity and empowerment.​

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