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Rev. Sky Starr - Nominee for Community Award

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M.Div. BRE. MFT. CPC. AEDP #1. Grief Therapist, Trauma Specialist, Researcher, Educator, Author, Consultant

A native Grenadian, Rev. Sky Starr has resided in Jane/Finch community for over forty years, where she multi-functions as minister, therapist, educator, researcher, author, celebrant and advocate.


She founded Out Of Bounds: Grief support (OOB) in 2006 after the year of the gun and functions as Executive Director and CAO. She holds a master’s degree in psychology and a Bachelor’s degree in community and religious studies. As an avid stakeholder in her community, she was instrumental in the formation of a crisis response network team in Jane/Finch which she co-chaired for three years as first responder to crisis. She is the brain-child of Fathers Across Cultures, which provides mentorship and support to men, fathers, mentors and young men as ‘fathers-to-be’ to curb the violent deaths of young men.


Providing creative, compassionate care for those who are traumatized by violence, she works with schools and community organizations from a unique trans-cultural perspective. Her work and services include monthly group facilitation, grief & trauma-focused training, workshops, restorative justice mediation, therapeutic intervention, mentorship, legacy-building, and emotional intelligence training to youth, schools and the wider community. She has focused her research activities on addressing healing and recovery for mothers and survivors of gun violence.


Her G-Social, research group and other community work received radio and televised coverage from CBC and City TV. Much of her work over the past two decades is concentrated on understanding the grief and trauma experiences of mothers and families suffering from grief-related™ PTSD, responding to crisis in various Toronto communities and travelling to other provinces as requested.   


As a pioneer in the field of providing gun violence response, education and services, Rev. Sky is a published author of book chapters and articles on grief and trauma. She has developed customized models of care that is shared with communities and agencies in responses to gun violence deaths and trauma. These experiential research data provide invaluable approaches and responses to gun violence trauma, with valuable information, strategies and models of care for policy makers, service providers, victims and survivors of gun violence trauma. Her work includes book reviews and invitations for public consultations in the States and Australia.


The Reverend was recognized by CBC TV as a national “Champion of Change” in 2010, by the federal government with the Queen Diamond Jubilee Award in 2012, and as a Role Model and Community Ambassador by Black Canadians, 2014. In 2015 she was awarded with the prestigious, Attorney General’s Victim Services Award of Distinction, and Leading Women, Building Communities Recognition Award in 2016. Rev. Sky was medalled with two awards from her MP and MPP respectively: Valuable Community volunteerism and the York West Centennial Citation Award. The Volunteers are Gold Award in 2015 was extended from Parks Forestry and Recreation. She was surprized with the Noble Drew Ali Award in 2017.

www.outofboundsjf.org            rev.skystarr@yahoo.ca          skysstarr@yahoo.ca

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