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My name is Palmonia Gordon and my story is summarized in five words: determination, persistence, hard work, resourcefulness and positivity. 

I was stolen from my mom and suffered abuse at the hands of family members. Despite all that, I pressed on. I am a single mother raising 5 children, spent over 23 years at Canada Post as a letter carrier before picking up my bag to go to work one morning and realise the thought of 'going postal', really made sense.

Shortly after, I was introduced to a home based business in which I started to learn about personal development. After 23 years, I finally walked away from the Post Office. “My body was falling apart. Knees, shoulders, and back; the worst was the effect on my mind. I wanted more, I was designed for more.” I soon started saying “What good is a pension if I won’t be able to enjoy it?” “What good is it if I die?”  HAD to rescue me!“ I felt calling me from the inside; the one I had stifled for years.  I wanted to be more.  I AM MORE!”

And Thus Order It was born.

ORDER IT is a guide to manifesting your dreams. I will help entrepreneurs who are 'stuck' or just need to get to the next level. In my coaching business Order it Coaching Academy, the power of our Thoughts and Words are strongly emphasized.

Book a free consultation at www.palmoniagordon.com 


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