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Nakeisha Geddes - Nominee for Author Award

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Nakeisha Geddes is a Developmental Social Worker in Toronto, Canada and she is a writer and author of a memoir titled “My Crossroads” released November 18, 2017. She is vibrant inside and very engaging in her community. She organizes empowering conferences, mentorship workshops targeted at reaching the youth and women in her community.

Nakeisha has been working with individuals with Developmental Disabilities for eleven (11) years and she is very passionate about her work and the people she supports. A strong advocate for fairness and equality, she oftentimes finds herself advocating for people who are not able to adequately represent themselves.

 Nakeisha was living on her own at young age with little or no support. She has faced many challenges and obstacles throughout her life, however, due to a great determination to succeed, she is currently living a life that she is proud of.  Nakeisha is full of life and has a way about her that makes everyone feels zestful. She is a wife and a proud mother of four (4) children.

 Nakeisha Geddes is a mentor, and a blogger who is passionate about ‘activating the best in you.’ She hopes to empower her readers with her writing, by motivating them to love themselves.

To know more about her work, visit www.nakeishageddes.com or email info@nakeishageddes.com


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