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Denise McLaughlin-Mitchell - Nominee for Butterfly Award

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Denise McLaughlin-Mitchell founder of McLaughlin Mitchell Coaching, serves individuals committed to reaching beyond potential into abundance. 

As a Resilience Coach, Denise helps individuals to live out their dreams. Also an Author, award winning Toastmaster and Professional Speaker, delivering to corporate and faith-based clients.

This warrior spirit has overcome horrific sexual abuses that began at 6 months old and severe physical abuse throughout her childhood leading to mental and physical health setbacks as an adult.  She even endured marital betrayal and career loss – through it all Denise has developed unshakable faith and bold resilience. Denise leverages her deep personal faith in God to serve and motivate others into living an abundant life, counselling women, youth and abuse survivors for 20+ years.

Having spent years trapped in the mindset of a victim, Denise is living proof that your past doesn’t determine your future but experiences can be leveraged to make you stronger.

Denise’s most valuable achievement is as a loving wife and proud mother of seven children ranging from twenty-five to eight years old.

“Everyone has a Stained Glass Story; if we are brave enough we can turn the broken pieces of life into a beautiful masterpiece to share with the world.”                         Denise McLaughlin-Mitchell

Website: www.Dm2Coaching.com

Facebook: @Dm2Coaching

Instagram: @Dm2Coaching

Email: Denise@Dm2Coaching.com / Dm2Coaching@gmail.com


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