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Lynn Himmelman - Nominee for Lifetime Achiever Award

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“I live my personal best and joyfully help others do the same.”

Lynn Himmelman (B. Sc, B. Mus.), Wellness Consultant, Performing Artist, Singer, Musician & Teacher, has dedicated more than 30 years to self-exploration and formal study of exceptional life-changing modalities for transforming body, mind, and spirit.

She has appeared on CBC National News, Global TV, Rogers TV, The W Network, That Channel, to name a few. 

After having survived a tragic car accident at age 14, a near-death experience at 35 when all her organ systems shut down, and a severe brain trauma at age 54 that wiped out her ability to read, write and perform daily life-skills, she’s going strong living a healthy vibrant life, running her self-created business Life Enhancement Essentials, now in its 21st year.  She has morphed from being hopeless and lost to leading others out of their own stuck places into full vibrancy and transformation.  

Known as the Forgiveness & Laughter Coach, she has helped countless individuals and organizations move from stress and conflict to meeting life joyfully, using the powerful synergy of forgiveness and laughter.

She’s an eternal optimist and has been voted on multiple occasions as Toronto’s Laughing Champion.

Recently a client referred to her as an unrecognized national treasure.

Website: www.ForgiveAndLaugh.com

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/ForgiveAndLaugh

Twitter: www.twitter.com/LaughForHealth

Email: ForgiveAndLaugh@gmail.com

Phone: 416-469-2033 


More about Lynn:

For Lynn, “variety is the spice of life”.  Living in a box and doing just one thing isn’t her style and never has been.  As a child she had a tough time answering the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  She loved to sing but it wasn’t encouraged, especially as a livelihood. So for a time she obeyed expectations and earned her keep as a babysitter, clothing store clerk, seamstress, waitress, carpenter’s aid, town laborer, and even a beer slinger, while completing a practical university degree in food science and nutrition.

But the artist in her could not be quelled.  So she advanced from research assistant for the Dept. of Agriculture to travelling theatre troubadour, theatre costume designer/builder, music theatre performer, and then assistant stage manager for Edmonton & Calgary Opera. This position earned her enough income to put herself through university a second time, completing her music degree as a piano pedagogue.  On the side, she quietly pursued her love of singing. Thanks to persistent pressure from a teacher who believed in her more than she believed in herself, she ended up enjoying a 12 year career as a professional opera singer, until the consequences of unaddressed traumas from her teenage years took their toll on her health emotionally and physically.

After a near-death experience (NDE) in her mid-thirties her life and career began to move in an entirely new direction.  First there were nearly 10 years of miraculous encounters with generous strangers who helped her find herself and reclaim the health and happiness she had lost.  These “Earth Angels” then became her mentors, teaching her their unconventional approaches to healing.

In retrospect, it’s no wonder she couldn’t define who she’d be as a grownup.  Her expertise lies in areas that are cutting edge and didn’t even exist when she was a child or even as a young adult. For the past 20+ years she’s positioned herself as a Cellular Reprogramming Expert helping a wide variety of clientele journey their way out of self-loathing and poor health, due to the repercussions of abuse and trauma, into enjoying loving, self-respecting, empowered, healthy, happy relationships and life experiences.

Even though Lynn, at age 63, faces daily challenges meticulously navigating an invisible disability, she has lofty dreams of what’s coming next and how she can most effectively be of service to those in need of her expertise during the second half of her ever-expanding life adventure.

“Over-planning one’s life down to the minute creates predictability that becomes static & mundane. The most interesting novels are the ones that weave intriguing outcomes that you couldn’t have guessed.  That’s how I’d like my life to be! “


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