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Nellisa Noel - Nominee for Single Mom Award

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Nellisa Noel is a 31 year old mother of an amazing energetic 9 year old boy. She was born in St.Lucia an immigrated to Canada at the tender age of 11. Overcoming many challenges both negative and positive has transformed her life dramatically. Persistent to turn her life around in the midst of her trials and tribulations, she was able to find her passion and birth out her God given purpose.

Through creative writing of expressive poetry, spoken words and inspirational quotes, has enable her to inspire others. She is also a co-author in her first published book, “Confessions of a Single Mother”,which has touched, empowered and transformed the lives of many. Nellisa is the CEO and founder of Royalty Confidence Inspiration; in addition she is also an Author, Speaker, Fitness Consultant, Mental Health Advocate, Motivational Coach and a Certified Christian Counsellor.

She continues to follow her passion towards helping others, being and active voice to make a difference in the  lives of those in her community and abroad, has given her the fulfilment to create a non-profit organization called Hope4U. Her mission is to empower, rebuild, restore, hope, faith and confidence in others through her life experiences. 

Facebook: Nellisafit
Gmail: Fitnesspro27@gmail.com


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