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BS degree from Houghton College                                                                                                MS degree from St. Bonaventure University

Began her teaching career as an elementary music teacher from kindergarten through sixth grade, directed an all boys 4th and 5th grade vocal ensemble and instructed students from the Seneca Nation of Indians in Salamanca, New York.

Awarded grants in New York State to tailor educational programs specific to young, teenage moms and pregnant women in prison. Those experiences fueled Ms. Horne’s passion and empathy to do more.  In 2003, a partnership with Northside Hospital lead to the initiation of the prenatal music program for the High Risk Perinatal Unit; evolving to include perinatal and postpartum moms, medical/surgical, oncology and bone marrow patients.

Ms. Horne and her husband John are passionate about living life fully and abundantly. They travel internationally teaching others to embrace serving others and to celebrate the journey of wellness, abundance and purpose.  Four years ago, they became educators for Young Living Essential Oils (www.lcoils.com), teaching about the power of essential oils and empowering others to become their own wellness advocates.  Their zest for creating a life of richness and abundance includes pursuing a professional dance career….                                       

A LightChangers LifeStyle!



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