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Anna Parker

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Content Experience Strategist

As a consultant, Anna helps companies improve conversion rates and customer satisfaction through content experience strategies, curriculum development, sales and marketing materials, and training. Most recently, as the Content Strategist for BANKCODE, Anna led the launch and development of the core training products and marketing materials which are now used by hundreds of certified BANKCODE trainers in over 40 countries.

‚ÄčAs a professor and program coordinator of the Technical Communications grad certificate at Seneca College, Anna transforms post graduate students into strategic communicators who advocate for end users in all industries. Her students go on to direct and produce compelling documentation and training materials that drive customer safety, satisfaction, and fuel marketing funnels.

With almost 20 years experience in training, communications, and leadership, she is a luminary in the Technical Communications discipline. As an Associate Fellow with the Society for Technical Communication (STC.org), she is recognized for her exemplary work in promoting the value of technical communication in both corporate and academic venues, willingness to share professional expertise with others, and continued service to the Society.


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