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Dr. Mone`t K. Long

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“Financial literacy is a true roadmap to visualize and overcome the blind spots of economics.”

Dr. Mone`t K. Long

Innovative, fierce, and devoted would best describe Dr. Mone`t K. Long, the Founder & CEO of LET’S GET LEGAL, a professional tax preparation & financial service center.

Dr. Long is an entrepreneur that wears many hats: not only is she a formidable CEO, she’s also a Financial Wellness Coach, an Investor, a licensed Real Estate & Insurance Agent, a beauty salon owner and a licensed Master Cosmetologist. Dr. Long is known for her flare for fashion and beauty.

Due to her own experience of financial hardships and struggle throughout the beginning of her entrepreneurial journey, Dr. Long obtained an extreme passion to help others overcome or avoid some of the same battles by teaching financial literacy, credit education, as well as promoting and supporting entrepreneurship.

In 2017, she formed “Entrepreneuse University” which is an online informational hub that educates and inspires entrepreneurial success.

A member of the South Fulton Chamber of Commerce, Woman University, and the National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP), Dr. Long holds a true passion to teach financial literacy and is an advocate for women empowerment and youth entrepreneurship. Her driving ambition to succeed as an entrepreneur has been the catalyst in building her growing Empire. Dr. Long has numerous philanthropic affiliations including her handsome contribution to Hosea Williams Feed the Hungry and other civic organizations.

Dr. Long is trailblazing in the financial arena with an extensive platform of diverse investments and opportunities from Corporate Taxes, Real Estate, Forex, Crypto-Currency, Credit (Business and Personal), Funding and Global Mentorship/Coaching. There is a quote by Ralph Emmerson that says “Do Not Go Where the Path May Lead, Go Instead Where There Is No Path and Leave A Trial”. This best describes the foot prints in which she is leading and those of a generational Legacy.

Social Media:
FaceBook: www.facebook.com/monetlong
Instagram: @meetjewel
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/monetlong


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