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MEET THE CEO, Filmmaker,Writer and Entrepreneur Barbara “Babs” Fuller is winning the game you most want to win, Philanthropist, Fashionista, Producer, Mother, Wife and Business Owner. She’s a force to be reckoned with… Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, Babs has done more than the eye can see. 

Knowing that she was placed here to do more, she hadn’t a clue what that more was. Kicking off a career in Fashion Merchandising and Cosmetology, the fashionista went on to take the title of Miss International at the age of 19. Shortly after, she won Ms. Black Georgia four consecutive years. Being offered a modeling career in Los Angeles was bitter sweet for Babs, she had a tough decision to make: Silver or Gold.

Since everything that glitters isn’t gold, the silver lining of being a loving wife can last forever. She decided to stay in Georgia with the love of her life, who is now her husband, partner, best friend, and biggest supporter! From there Babs dipped into the corporate world pursuing a career with Sony Records in Florida, and talent acquisition for the modeling agency, Wilhelmina Models. Still feeling the urge to do more, she headed back to Atlanta. As the COO of Mastermind Pictures in Decatur, GA, she was determined to move her way up the ladder in film production.

Starting off as an intern and now the owner of her own African American film company, this motivated woman literally “started from the bottom, now we here!” While this socialite may seem to have it all, it came with a price. Though it may seem Babs was given everything she has, or doesn’t know the value of hard work, that is the furthest thing from the truth. From a young age she has seen struggle and like most self-made folks it is their biggest motivating factor.

Being raised in a single parent home until she was 12 years old, seeing her mother struggle to provide for six children (3 girls & 3 boys) was enough for Babs. With her mother working to provide for the family, she took on the mother role at home by raising her younger siblings. Tragedy landed on their household when two of her younger twin brothers passed at an early age.

After Babs was married she and her spouse attempted to conceive, and had no clue why she wasn’t blessed with her own children. Eventually, with patience and unrelenting faith she found out she was pregnant at the cost of a battle with a swift moving ovarian cancer. She lost her child and nearly her life. But God saw different. Doctors told Babs she had a 30% chance of conception now, and didn’t recommend trying at all. At a later date her youngest sister was murdered, but so graciously replaced by her son (now 14), whom she says is a spitting image of her late sister and has an identical personality. Babs is a wonderful and grateful mother to her son, and couldn’t be happier of his arrival when it came. Babs still enjoys creating her own clothing styles in her spare time. She launched her new cosmetic line MISTRESS COSMETICS and has finally found her purpose. Her love of fashion and beauty has pushed her into a career that she plans to work hard to provide products to women who seek to enhance their outer beauty Her role models in the beauty world are Keisha K’aior, Kat Von D and Nars cosmetics. She hopes to join them one day in some of the biggest events in the industry of fashion and beauty.



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