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Leatrice Lindsay - Nominee for Single Mom Award

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Leatrice Lindsay is the creator of S.M.I.L.E – Single Mothers Independently Loving Endlessly. As a Single Mother herself she have broken generational chains in life. And was able to use  what’s in her hands to beat all odds..


With development, healing, and finding her passion she has learnt a change in mindset and confidence will place you in a position to rule your kingdom and reclaim your power back from what ever circumstance you are presented with.

her mission now is motivated by helping women, especially single mothers that 1)The experience they had themselves doesn't have to be replicated and continued onto anther generation.2)her motivation to teach and help others to know in spite of the common experience they share ,ways can be found and habits can be developed to make the experience positive and productive with better outcome. Remember Barack Obama who became President of the United Sates was the product of a single mother and that is just a glimpse of what can be manifested within the lives of other.


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