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Shamena Maharaj Nominee for Community Award

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Shamena Maharaj MSc. CHRL, ACC, NLP, Q.Med

Shamena Maharaj is an award-winning Human Resources and Organizational Development Professional with over 20 years of experience. She is a speaker, coach, change leader, mediator, scholar and facilitator.


Shamena brings over 20 years of experience in Human Resources, Organizational Development & Leadership. She has successfully implemented Coaching and Engagement strategies within large complex organizations in a variety of industries such as Banking, Electricity, Oil & Gas, Education and Healthcare.

Shamena is passionate about elevating the contributions of others so that people flourish and celebrate their collective efforts. She is an active volunteer leader in her field and community. Shamena is the founder of the UNHCR Leadership Academy and a member of the UNWomen WeEmpower. She has been a nominee for Top 100 Women of Influence. Shamena has created the Maharaj Scholarship Fund for two children in a fishing village in Grenada to further their education.

My purpose is to focus on what matters so that we live with greater purpose, catalyze growth in others so that we build a better world together, elevate the contributions of others so that we flourish and celebrate our collective efforts and listen to learn and collaborate to innovate.


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