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Lee-Ann Alexis - Nominee for Go-Getter Award

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Energetic, Real & Tenacious

Lee-Ann Alexis is a Professional Faith-Based transformation and resiliency coach who enjoys working with women to help align their spirits, minds, and bodies enabling them to live completely whole assisting each heart to manage stresses in all aspects of life through exercise, nutrition, and mentorship. She is a fun-loving, spirit-filled adrenaline junkie who has proven that small movements can achieve great results.

Overcoming many aspects of grief, overwhelming trauma, and stress leading to debilitating anxiety episodes, throughout her personal and professional life; Lee-Ann has developed a unique heart to help many find resilience and a new passion to create an atmosphere for healing inspiration and encouragement to all who come into contact with her. She is not only a survivor, but more than a conqueror with a knack for breaking down the difficult times in life and sharing with many simple techniques to find the conqueror deep within. Lee-Ann knows that in order to achieve results and greatness, one has to face the truth. She speaks to the David in you that can defeat the Goliath that is taunting and attempting to destroy you.

Lee-Ann decided to uncork that potential and heart of love to start her successful counseling and training business. In some circles she is affectionately known as the “Genie Released” because of the nuggets of love that she shares to help others release their potential and be the best they are divinely designed to be.

Website: www.leeannalexis.com [coming soon]








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