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Paola Gomez - Nominee for Community Award

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Paola Gomez is a trained human rights lawyer, community organizer, public speaker, artist facilitator, writer and dreamer. A member of PEN Canada’s Writers in Exile, Paola is involved in causes such as ending violence against women and forced migration, as well as community engagement.

Paola is the co-founder and director of Muse Arts (a.k.a Sick Muse Art Projects). In this role, she has developed an innovative way of integrating conversations about identity, inclusion and community engagement into community art programs. She facilitates creative writing workshops for women who are survivors of sexual violence and promotes reconciliation and acceptance through arts for Colombians affected by years of armed conflict in the region. She also created a micro-grant program in Colombia which supports community art programs in rural areas of the country.

Paola was awarded the 2008 Toronto Community Foundation Vital People grant in recognition of her exceptional community initiatives. The Canadian Centre of Victims of Torture (CCVT) awarded Paola with the Amina Malko Award for her work in supporting refugee women in Canada, the 2016 City of Toronto Human Rights Constant E. Hamilton on the Status of Women and most recently the 2018 Pioneers of Change Excellence in the Arts from Skills for Change for her work in supporting  newcomer and refugee communities through Community Arts initiatives. 

Website: www.camda.ca

Social Media Links:  https://twitter.com/camdaglobal



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