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Denise McLaughlin - Resilience Coach – Author – Public Speaker

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Denise McLaughlin is the founder of McLaughlin Mitchell Coaching, serving individuals committed to reaching beyond potential into abundance. 

Denise had the honour of being nominated for the WOF Butterfly Award in 2018 and grew to love the WOF community of women. A powerful moment at the 2018 Awards celebration opened the door for Denise to continue doing what she loves – speaking to groups with love and support. Denise is thrilled to be co-hosting this year along side Alison Harvey to make it a special night for all the phenomenal 2019 nominees.

As a Resilience Coach, Denise helps individuals to get out of their own way and live out their purpose. As an Author and Speaker, Denise delivers powerfully to corporate and faith-based clients alike. This warrior spirit has overcome horrific abuses that began in her childhood leading to mental and physical setbacks as an adult.  After enduring incredible trials Denise has developed unshakable faith in God and bold resilience, moving from being trapped in a victim mindset to being empowered to live an abundant life. Leveraging wisdom earned in her personal experiences, Denise has been motivating and counselling youth and women for more than 20 years.

Denise is living proof that your past doesn’t determine your future, but experiences can be motivation to make you stronger. As a proud mother of 5 amazing children, Denise has learned not to sweat the small stuff in life because there will always be another load of laundry, but the days of tickle fights and Disney sing-a-longs are short lived.

Denise believes deeply that with God, you can overcome any challenges life may throw your way. Don’t just bounce back, bounce forward into success!

Everyone has a Stained Glass Story; if we are brave enough we can turn the broken pieces of life into a beautiful masterpiece to share with the world.”  Denise McLaughlin-Mitchell


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