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Sheila Bailey Woman On Fire Single Mom Award Atlanta 2016
SINGLE MOM : This person is aged between 20 to 50 she is a mom, she may also have a job, but her passion is her business, she works hard, juggles her job, her children and her life...she has taken the knocks but has continued on the road to success.  She may not have a lot of support but she is determined to be a success, those around her support her on this journey or they may not.

Heydi Campos Woman On Fire Young Entrepreneur 2016
YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR: This person is between the ages of 18-29 and has a business that she is passionate about, she is working hard to create a successful business, she could still be a student, or have a job the - please share why she should be nominated.  She is supported by those around her, people taking her seriously, is one of her biggest issues but she is determined to succeed.

Simone Da Costa Woman On Fire Award Author 2016
Writer/Author:  This person lives and breathes to write. Words are her best friend; she finds joy and solace in them and shares them with the world.  She can be married or single, she is between 20-, 60 she could be a blogger, writer, poet, researcher, grant writer, editor. She has had to overcome many obstacles but still continues on her road to success.

Joyce White Woman On Fire Media Award 2016 Atlanta
Media: Online or print, tv or radio, this lady likes share, knowledge, information – what’s new and things to look forward to – with the ever changing world we live in. Even when times are hard, she perseveres, cause she knows the gift she has is meant to be shared with the world.  She can be married, single. She must be 20-35 a rising star, with even more work to be done, she is a diamond in the rough, time is her ally.  Recognize her; let her know she is amazing.

Hustler Award: The ultimate Hustler, the lady who is doing whatever she needs to get her business on point and productive, she lives and breathes her business, she is not afraid to take a hit and keep coming back, she is fierce and determined she is a WOMAN ON FIRE… Once she is over 18 years old and has a business its time to Nominate her for the Hustler Award.

Dr Deborah Drake Woman On Fire Award Science Tech 2017
Science/Tech, Our brand new award for the woman in a field surrounded by men, blazing a path for others like themselves to follow – creating new frontiers, alliances and connections, this woman knows her mind and will inspire many others, married or single she is a dynamo operating within the fire.  Although she is not seen much hidden behind labs and lab coats she is there creating change.  Appreciate her and nominate her.

Natasha Tracey Taylor Woman On Fire Butterfly Award Winner 2017
Butterfly Award: This award is dedicated to the brave woman who has descended levels that no one should, her past is patchwork of sexual abuse, hurt, pain and a struggle far too many women go through on a daily basis, but she has made it with resiliency, strength, forgiveness and faith that tomorrow will be a better day..she has overcome her past. She is a WOMAN ON FIRE.  Her past doesn’t determine her future it has only made her stronger.  Nominate her as she continues to grow from strength to strength, let her know you Recognize her. This woman could be any age, any nationality, any religion – She is a success.

Suzette Dallas Woman On Fire Community Award 2014
COMMUNITY:  This person is always giving back, her whole life revolves on helping people, she could be a long time volunteer or maybe she started her own non-profit, she can be a fundraiser or one that creates change on a regular basis in the community.  People praise her and talk about how great she is but you know for all the work and all the hours she has given....she has very rarely been recognized.  This is your opportunity to change that.  This person is between 35-80.

June Smith WomanBusiness Woman Of The Year 2016
BUSINESS WOMAN OF THE YEAR: This woman is dynamic vivacious and outgoing, she is passionate and focused about her business, she works incredible hours cause she means to create success she may be a mom and a wife, may have a job and still finds the time to build a business, she has had to overcome many hurdles, disappointments, financial hardships but she has persevered and is on the way to creating success with her business.  She is doing it all she runs a business, gives back to the community and has a family.  She is between 30-60

Jean Lynch Lifetime Achievement Award 2014
JEAN LYNCH LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD.  This person is between 70-80 years old and has accomplished many things in her life and still is a force to be reckoned with – a true dynamo – this is a very special award as the person who the award is named after gets the benefit every year of passing it on to one special person.


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